Julie Schott and Freddy DeMarco / co-owners

DeMarco's School of Music (DSM) delivers quality music instruction

and helps students of all ages and skill levels to pursue their musical

dreams. DSM offers private lessons and, for those who aspire to be in

a band, groups students together for "Rock Class" where they can

be exposed to the band experience and record their efforts at our

professional recording studio.

Our teachers are expert professional musicians, promoters,

entertainment marketers, and studio producers & engineers. They

have a dedication and passion for music, and their goal is to pass

those ideals on to their students.

At DSM, we strive to deliver classes, group events,

and networking at a very high level to benefit the

students. We set our standards high and show our

students that their dreams and ambitions can be

attained with effort and desire . . . dreams and goals

that the staff at DSM have reached throughout

their careers.

Just give us a call so we can answer any

questions you might have about DSM.

We will gladly set an appointment so you

can stop by the facility and see all the great

things DSM has to offer.

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