It's important to us here at DSM to help bands and performers achieve a quality recording using some of the finest equipment in the business. The engineers and musicians associated with DSM Studios have the ability and drive to help develop young, aspiring artists and aid advanced musicians with any project. If a performer needs back-up instrumentation, DSM has studio veterans that have years of experience and numerous recordings under their belts.

In the last year, DSM has recorded innumerable videos and audio tracks for Korg, Vox, and Blackstar, as well the recent Red Sun Rising release and the new Juke Hound disc, Low Man On The Totem Pole, with both records achieving rave reviews, and commercial and sales success.

Commercial Production:

DSM is also a commercial and audio production facility. Our Commercial Production division can help develop scripts as well as lay down royalty-free background music in many different styles.

At DSM, we offer a wide range of professional services including, but not limited to:

• Producing

• Tracking

• Mixing

• Mastering

• Noise Reduction

• Drum Editing and Sample Replacement

• Vocal Tuning

• Re-Amping

• Rock Band Programming

• Mix Consultation

Here is a list of some of our equipment:

• Toft Recording Console, featuring the renowned Trident Series 80 pre-amps and EQs.

• Boutique Recording preamps- Neve 1272 and API matched preamps and EQs.

• “Rack of Doom Compressors”- Including 3 Universal Audio 1176s, 2 LA3As, 1 LA2A, 1 stereo Manley Vari Mu, 1 Bellarie stereo compressor, Boutique Korg TP2 stereo tube pre-amp compressor, and other various Ashley compressors.

• Computer (Mac Pro) with two cascaded Mac monitors. Pro-Tools HD 2, with the Eventide Elite bundle, TC Electronics Power Core loaded with all of the TC Electronics plug-ins, and many more featured popular plug-ins. Aurora Lynx converter.

• Four monitoring systems including- Yamaha NS10s, Mackie powered, Tannoy System 8s, and HK 3 inch near fields with subwoofer.

• Korg MR2000 1 bit recorder.

• Alesis Master Link.

• Various outboard studio effects for analog insert.

• All our recording customers have all access (free of charge,) to a myriad of our instruments, as we have one of the largest on site selection of amps, guitars, and effects pedals, in the world, as far as studios are concerned.

Available Amplifiers -

Marshall 1959 100 watt Plexi,

Marshall Vintage Modern 50 watt head

Marshall JVM 100 watt head

Marshall Handwired 1974X 18-watt combo with an aged speaker



VOX Tony Bruno 18 watt boutique with 6v6 tubes moded like a Fender

VOX modeling amps including the Tonelab floorboards

Blackstar Handwired Artisan 30 combo

Blackstar Series 1 200 watt KT88 Head

Blackstar Series 1 100 watt 6L6 Head

Blackstar Series 1 100 watt EL34 Head

Blackstar Series 1 50 watt Head

Blackstar Series 1 45 Watt combo

Blackstar Venue Stage 60 combo

Blackstar HT 5 watt combo

Blackstar HT 1 watt combo

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Tremoverb

Mesa Boogie MKIII combo

National combo from the 1940s

Lab Series L-5

Fender Princeton

Trace Elliot Bass pre-amp

Hartke 5000 Bass Head

GK 800 RB bass head

Ampeg B-60 Combo

Available Speakers -

Selection multiple 4X12, 2X12, and 1X12 speaker cabinets loaded with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers, aged Greenbacks, GT12s, and 70/80 speakers.

Available guitars-

Gibson 1961 re-issue SG

Gibson Angus Young signature model Back in Black SG

Gibson Les Paul 1977

Fender 40th anniversary Stratocaster

Fender hot rodded American Stratocaster with point classic trem

Fender Strat American

Paul Reed Smith 24 fret with hot rodded trem

VOX Series 77 semi-hollow

VOX Series 55 with triple element pickups

Lag Acoustic 400 Series

Lag Acoustic 200 Series

Lag acoustic Nylon classical

Godin Nylon Acoustic electric

Martin D16 Dreadnaught

Fender Telecaster American

Washburn/Oscar Schmitt Delta King

Fender Electric/Acoustic cutaway

Yamaha Classical

Fender Precision Bass 1977

Ibanez 5 string

Ibanez BTB 5-string

Ibanez Soundgear 5-string

Guild Pilot

Technology Instruments -

Korg M50 synthesizer

Korg Kaoss pads 3 versions

Korg Kaoscialtor

Korg Wave Drum

We have over 40 guitar and bass new and vintage effects pedals at your disposal.

Enginers Freddy DeMarco and Doug Jenkins

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